Ten for Tamils initiates and helps with many projects aimed at helping the Tamils at the grass-roots level.

Senthilnathan Rajeswary, making food item
Senthilnathan Rajeswary, making food item.

Australian dollars go a long way to helping the Tamils. Please help out with a small donation and see how much difference you can make to a Tamil’s life.

More Projects

  • Dry ration Distribution for Cyclone and Floods

    Dry ration Distribution for Cyclone and Floods

    Situation Analysis and Observations Sri Lanka was hit by a severe tropical cyclone on November called as Buravi that caused widespread flooding and landslides in Northern and Eastern districts of the country destroying homes and submerging entire villages.

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  • Covid Food Distribution

    Covid Food Distribution

    Like many other countries around the world, the Sri Lankan Government imposed curfew orders and issued a strict order for people not to move about.

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  • Exercise Books for Students

    Exercise Books for Students

    Recently much needed exercise books were distributed to Muslim students at Pommavely under a project sponsored by Ten For Tamils. These will help them much with their studies.

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  • Helping 21 Tamil widows

    Helping 21 Tamil widows

    In September 2018 Ten for Tamils made their 18th distribution to 21 widows and female headed households in Jaffna.

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  • A Peanut Seller Gets a Helping Hand

    A Peanut Seller Gets a Helping Hand

    Sangariya, 85 years old, has been selling peanuts outside her local temple as her main source of income. She has previously had to ask friends and neighbours to loan her money just to live from week to week.

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  • Six Hundred String Hoppers a Day

    Six Hundred String Hoppers a Day

    Inthirikumar Marijenta, gets up at 2am every morning and makes six hundred string hoppers a day which she sells to University students. She gets 3 rupee [3 cents] for one string hopper which gives her a good income of 1800 rupee[18 dollars] per day. She works seven days per week to earn this.

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  • Sapapathypillai Aid is Delivered

    Sapapathypillai Aid is Delivered

    Recently selected families at Sapapathypillai camp received goods and food costing 109,000 Rupees (AU$1090). For conversion purposes 100 Rupee is equivalent to AU$1. This amount was spent as follows: Rs 42,200 for poultry with care. This goes to 6 women Rs 10,000 goes to Antony to upgrade his grocery shop Rs 5,000 goes to a…

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  • Call for Help

    Call for Help

    Ten for Tamils have been distributing materials so that women like “Mathi” can create and sustain small businesses for themselves to support their families.

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  • For Widows, Life After Loss

    For Widows, Life After Loss

    There are thousands of Tamils widows in the north of Sri Lanka, many of them created by the Civil war, which ended in 2009 after twenty five years.

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  • Konapulam Camp and Ten for Tamils Update

    Konapulam Camp and Ten for Tamils Update

    TEN for TAMILS has been very quiet, but we are back with a newly formed committee, ready to take on some more challenges in the North of Sri Lanka to support the many widows who rely on us to help them.

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