TEN for TAMILS will offer practical assistance including:

  • Offering practical assistance to empower female headed households and widows to create sustainable employment/self employment opportunities to increase their food and housing security.
  • Increasing educational opportunities for the children of these women by the provision of scholarships to help them attend university.
  • Supporting children to attend school
  • Food support programs and distribution of rations
  • The creation of employment opportunities for the women
  • Supporting children to remain at school by the provision of scholarships
  • Support of University of Jaffna students with a scholarship program
This widow has four children and is deaf and dumb. In this photo she has no food to feed her family, but she has placed these plants in the shape of a heart. Even in the most tragic of circumstances, this woman still had hope. This photo was taken in an Internal Displaced Person's Camp in Jaffna, Sri Lanka.
Sakila has three children and is hearing impaired. When this photo was taken in an Internal Displaced Person’s Camp in 2015 she had no food to feed her family. In 2016 she was given a distribution of materials by Ten for Tamils to create a small food business. She now has a sustainable income stream which has dramatically increased her food security.

Tamils “The Forgotten People”

There are 70,000 widows.

There are an estimated 70,000 Tamil Widows in Sri Lanka created by the civil conflict between the Tamils and the ruling Sinhalese which ended in 2009. These women call themselves the “forgotten” people.

What it means to support themselves.

They have very limited work skills and no way to support themselves other than doing the odd Koolie jobs and some days they have very little food to eat. The children are malnourished and lack educational and work opportunities.

Just $10 AUD a month.

The price of one meal in Australia can have a huge and lasting impact on the lives of these Tamil families.

Take a video tour of an Internal Displaced Persons Camp. Meet some of the Tamils Ten for Tamils is helping.