Dry ration Distribution for Cyclone and Floods

Situation Analysis and Observations

Sri Lanka was hit by a severe tropical cyclone on November called as Buravi that caused widespread flooding and landslides in Northern and Eastern districts of the country destroying homes and submerging entire villages.

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Covid Food Distribution

Like many other countries around the world, the Sri Lankan Government imposed curfew orders and issued a strict order for people not to move about.

The workers and daily wage earners that we help support suffered a lot .There there was a call from the divisional Secretary to the NGOs to provide support to them .Ten for Tamils was more than happy to oblige by providing items such as dry rations.

Dry rations on their way to villagers.

Calls were received from villages that were very badly affected asking bread, dry rations ,milk powder and so on. But distributing things needed permission from the GA police and curfew authorities. Permission from the GA was sought after some effort and once the curfew was lifted distribution could begin.

Receiving dry rations.

Sri Lanka is going to have a very difficult time as the deteriorating economy and import restrictions will adversely affect the population, especially the marginalised groups.

More aid in the future is needed. If you can help please donate to Ten for Tamils.

Helping the Tamils

Meet some of the Tamil people that Ten for Tamils intends to help.

Missing Daughter

[su_youtube_advanced url=”https://youtu.be/XMyOkbhoSCs”]
A widow whose daughter is missing.

Widowed with Four Children

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Learn about a widow whose land has been occupied by the military making earning enough money to look after her four children a difficult task.