Six Hundred String Hoppers a Day

Inthirikumar Marijenta, gets up at 2am every morning and makes six hundred string hoppers a day which she sells to University students. She gets 3 rupee [3 cents] for one string hopper which gives her a good income of 1800 rupee[18 dollars] per day. She works seven days per week to earn this.

The work is very hard and the utensil which creates the string hopper shape was broken, so she has had a lot of discomfort and pain in her arms. In the March 2017 distribution, “Ten for Tamils” gave her new cooking pots and a new string hopper utensil.

When “Ten for Tamils” invests in entrepreneurial women like Inthirikumar she is able to employ another woman to help her, thus helping to support another family and easing her burden as well.

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