A Peanut Seller Gets a Helping Hand

Sangariya, 85 years old, has been selling peanuts outside her local temple as her main source of income. She has previously had to ask friends and neighbours to loan her money just to live from week to week.

Sangariya, peanut seller. A project helped by Ten for Tamils.

In June 2017 she received a distribution of 100AUD worth of peanuts and cooking utensils. This has almost doubled her monthly wage and given her the independence to support herself without having to repay debts, immensely improving her quality of life.

The Ten For Tamils committee were delighted to be able to meet her in October and to learn that five months on she has not only been able to keep her business going and growing. We were inspired by her beautiful smile and positive attitude and we wish her luck for the future!

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