Centre for Women and Development (CWD)

The Centre for Women and Development(CWD) is a non profit organization, legally registered under the NGO secretariat Colombo. The organization commenced its activities in 1988. Our commitment is to address women’s issues and rights, to build capacity and to empower women to take part in all activities.

When we started, no such organization existed in Jaffna.  CWD aims to work for the under privileged , the marginalized, the discriminated and the victimized women and girls.


It is our duty to bring the most affected women into the mainstream of economic process, political participation and leadership positions to have a dignified life in the society.

Gender violence and land rights are important issues in this community and Ten for Tamils supports CWD in both these important areas. However more recently, with the support of the Ten for Tamils project, a special focus has been addressing the war widows living situations which have become more vulnerable and are deteriorating without any external or government support.

Several livelihood programs such as:

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  • Home gardening
  • Small scale businesses
  • Food making and selling
  • Dry fish selling
  • Chilli powder making and selling
  • Running a boutique
  • Poultry rearing
  • Cow and Goat rearing
  • Running preschools
  • Running grinding grinding mills



Activities such as these are being created as well as educational support for the children such including the supply of writing note books, pens, school bags, shoes and even bicycles for them to go to school.

These activities have reduced the school drop outs  from the displaced community and given hope to the Tamil women and the issues they are facing.

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