Konapulam Camp and Ten for Tamils Update

TEN for TAMILS has been very quiet, but we are back with a newly formed committee, ready to take on some more challenges in the North of Sri Lanka to support the many widows who rely on us to help them.

I recently asked Saroja, our wonderful woman on the ground in Jaffna, about the many reports that the land is being returned to the people. This is what she had to say.

From Konapulam camp , military has bribed the camp leaders by giving Rs 5000 each family and managed to get 110 families to go back not to their own land but the land given to them at Keerimalai area somewhere else.

At Konapulam camp there were 226 families living and now 110 families are about to take the new land given to them. Government is building a house for them. They may go once they complete the construction.may be in January Next year.

People wanted to go back to their own land but see how this leaders are playing out just for money. Their land is still being occupied by the forces.
A group of women from the camp came to meet me and they said that they will not agree to take up the new land given by the Government,
Like wise many displaced people are still there.

Even if all of them do we can work with the new settled people they are almost starting their life from the beginning.

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