Loss of Land Also Loses Identity

Tamil women have been displaced and live in camps because the military occupies their land. A family that doesn’t have it’s own land is not included as a beneficiary by any NGO’S.

Land Issue is a Humanitarian Issue

The land issue which has emerged in the North has become an important humanitarian issue. The mass exodus of Tamil people to camps has compelled the people to lose their lands . Land is deeply and emotionally linked to family and identity. It is not just a socioeconomic issue. Land issues unresolved can become major sources of discontent and inhibit efforts to reconcile people and heal wounds.

Six years after Sri Lanka’s civil war came to an end, there are still an extraordinarily high number of war widows struggling to make ends meet. In 2009 May CWD committed with dedication to carry out a field survey in order to gather needed information about the situation of war widows ,the land issue  and to find out other related problems caused in consequences of the war.

In these Districts poverty forces many women to leave their children behind as they seek jobs away from their villages. As a result children drop out of school and there are frequent cases of child abuse. Widows are also targeted by the military and cases of women sexually abused by forces is common.

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